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About Dreamshade

Formed in 2006 in Lugano, Switzerland. Since their inception they have never been an ordinary Metal band. Their mix of melody, heaviness and uplifting lyrics gained the attention of the modern Rock, Metal and Hardcore scenes.

After the release of their first EP "To The Edge Of Reality" in 2008 they signed to Universal Music / Spinefarm Records and... then released the albums "What Silence Hides" in 2011 and "The Gift Of Life" in 2013 which features evergreen songs for the genre like "Consumed Future", "Photographs" and "Your Voice". The band toured continuously and touched 4 continents: Europe, North America, Asia and Africa gaining thousands of fans all over the World.

In 2015 they released "Dreamers Don't Sleep" which was the first single that anticipated the release of a new album.

The band signed with Artery Recordings in 2016 and released their latest album "Vibrant" with songs like "Where My Heart Belongs", "Up All Night" and "It's Over" that feature new influences like Active Rock, Electronic and Rap music. Dreamshade embarked a Headliner tour through all of Europe and Asia collecting also Sold Out shows.

"Question Everything" was released on January 15th 2019 and the band started a World Tour through Europe with DON BROCO & Emarosa, South Africa & Asia as Headliners.

The new album “A Pale Blue Dot” was released on March 5th 2021 and features songs like “Stone Cold Digital”, “Shanghai Nights” and “Safe Harbour”.

Dreamshade announced they will be releasing a new song called “Rise” on June 3rd 2022, just before their appearance at Greenfield Festival (Switzerland) and Metal Capital Festival (Finland).

Dreamshade (from L to R):

Fernando 'Fella' Di Cicco - Guitars, Vocals
Gian-Andrea 'Gian' Costa - Bass, keyboards, programming
Kevin Calì - Vocals
Francesco 'Fry' Ferrini - Drums
Luca Magri - Guitars, programming